Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Mardo Avenue,
Australind WA 6233

(08) 9720 3737

School Hours

Christianity | Friendship | Respect



8.00 am: Students (in Year 1-6) are permitted to arrive and remain seated in set areas

8:25 amClassrooms (K-6) open. Students can play outside

8.45 amClasses commence

10:50 amRecess

11.10 amClasses resume

12:20 pmFirst lunch- eating

12.35 pmClasses resume

1.40 pmSecond lunch – playing

2.00 pmClasses resume

2:50 pmKindy dismissed

3.00 pmPP-6 dismissed


Supervision and Duty of Care

Before School:  
  • No student is permitted to be on school grounds before 8am unless they are with a parent or participating in a designated school program.  
  • Year 1-6 students who arrive after 8am are required to sit quietly in the designated area until the first bell at 8:25am. The OSH Club (Outside School Hours Club) can be contacted on 0422 893 841 if you require this service.   PK, Kindy and PP students must be delivered to their classrooms after 8:25am. 
  • We permit students to arrive from 8am but remind parents that our Duty of Care commences at 8:25am so encourage all students to arrive after this time. Your cooperation with school expectations enables our staff to prepare for their classes, when they commence work each day. 

After School:  

  • Staff supervise students at all times during the school day, including while they use play equipment. Our students understand the rules allowing them and others to enjoy doing so safely and respectfully. They also know that they are required to behave according to the standards set in our Student Code of Conduct.  
  • Students (Year 1-6) know and are regularly reminded that when school finishes at 3:00pm, unless they are under the direct (line of sight) vision of a parent, they are required to move directly to the designated pickup spots or leave the school grounds if they walk or ride to school.  PK, Kindy and PP students must be collected directed from their classrooms at the end of each day.  
  • No school staff are on duty after school, with the exception of the two designated pickup spots and the bus stop (until 3:20pm), to supervise your children, enforce the rules of play and attend to any need arising. Staff who are at work, whether in their classroom or elsewhere, are not available to assist. Therefore, if you choose to remain on school grounds with your child or other children in your care, you understand and accept sole responsibility for supervising them. 
  • ‘Supervision’ is keeping a direct line of sight to your child. It means ensuring your child behaves according to our Code of Conduct and other rules in their play and interactions with other children and parents. Students know the rules they follow during school hours and I ask you to enforce consistency while you supervise them after hours.  If you supervise your children after school hours as described, then we can all enjoy the gifts of play and friendship of our school community. 


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