Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Mardo Avenue,
Australind WA 6233

(08) 9720 3737


We the family of Christ the Living Vine, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, create a community of Christian love by reaching out to meet the needs of all in the Parish and beyond in a spirit of love, acceptance and compassion

Parish Contact Details:
Fr Robert Romano
T. (08) 9797 1886
F. (08) 9797 1684
A Welcome From our Parish Priest- Fr Robert Romano:

Dear Families: 

First of all, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome you accorded me when I arrived in 2021 as your new Parish Priest. Let me now take this opportunity to welcome you with open arms to this warm welcoming Christian community, Christ The Living Vine Parish, Leschenault. 

I was ordained a priest in the Philippines my country of birth on 29th January 2000 by then Bishop of Bunbury, Most Rev. Peter Quinn. Right away, I went to Bunbury Cathedral as an Assistant Priest for a couple of years. After Bunbury, I went to Albany for a year also as an Assistant priest. I was the Priest-in- charge in Bridgetown for three years before I moved to Waroona as Parish Priest for 7 years, then a Parish Priest of Manjimup for six years. In 2019 I was appointed Parish Priest of Collie only to be uprooted from there after two years to come to Leschenault Parish. 

I came to this Parish in the middle of May 2021. I’m continually in the process of getting to know more about this Christian community. I have witnessed people who are always there for people. This Parish community is a well-established community and is blessed to have a couple of Catholic Schools namely, the Leschenault Catholic Primary School (LCPS) and Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC) providing our children with primary and secondary education respectively. 

I pray and hope that I will be here longer to be with you people as your fellow parishioners. This Parish community is you my dear people of God. Even if I am your parish priest, I am your fellow pilgrim in this community and as we journey together, let us work together as a team, as brothers and sisters in Christ, collaborating with one another for the common good of this parish community. 

I truly believe this Parish community never runs out of people who are there for the community anytime and willing to give their time, talents and treasures. We have professionals, teachers, parents and grandparents and young people willing to do things and I am so grateful to God for these people. 

There’s so much work to do but I can’t do it alone. I need you people because, without you, this parish will not be able to survive. I always believe we are all gifted to give. Thus, if you feel you can offer something of service to this parish family, you can reach us on our Parish website, Facebook Page (Christ The Living Vine Parish) or you can email us on admin@leschenaultcatholicparish.org.au 

 Father Robert Romano 

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